Welcome to Cañon City Property Management!

Cañon City Property Management is located in Cañon City Colorado. We specialize in the leasing and management of residential properties, including single family homes, duplexes, triplexes, condominiums, and small apartment buildings. Cañon City Property Management is committed to helping property owners maximize the current rental and future market values of their investment and offer unparalleled property management services to ALL of our clients. Your complete satisfaction with our service and representation is our number one priority.

Cañon City Property Management serves the entire Cañon City area and the surrounding communities such as Florence, Rockvale, Cotopaxi, Williamsburg, and Penrose.

Based on more than 50 years in the industry and a love for the work we do, we at Cañon City Property Management know that each of our clients is an individual. As a small firm, we take pride in providing intimate service tailored to meet each client's unique needs. Our success lies in paying close, personal attention to each property and developing productive relationships with tenants, while offering prompt, courteous attention to residents' and property owners' needs. Cañon City Property Management's management edge takes the focus on your needs a step further to match our customized level of service.

How Much Could Your Property Rent For?

The success of your investment property is a testament to our success. That is why we are motivated to obtain the highest property rental value for your investment. Whether it's single family or multifamily, our experienced leasing team keeps track of market trends to get you the highest possible rental return for your investment.

Who We Are

Cañon City Property Management understands the overwhelming demands of property management, property ownership, collecting rents, finding and screening tenants, advertising, performing inspections, maintenance repairs, accounting and keeping up with the latest landlord/tenants laws. Since its incorporation, Cañon City Property Management has served clients in the Cañon City Area, successfully managing their assets and investments in a timely, cost effective and professional manner.

Extensive Experience

With a combined 150 years of experience in the property management and real estate occupation, "Master Property Managers" on staff, our knowledge of the industry, landlord-tenant law and all other aspects of the management field produce quality results for both investors and residents. Our goal at Cañon City Property Management is to create the highest quality of management services available thereby creating "owners for life." All while retaining the highest quality residents to occupy your property investment.

Family Owned

Cañon City Property Management prides itself on its family owned and operated status. We provide the intimacy that other property management companies in the Cañon City area cannot. Our relationships with our clients and our tenants are exceptional. We attempt to treat our owners' investments as if they were our own, to mold their needs and to maximize the potential of their investment.

Property ownership can be a long lasting reward for you and your family. As you may know, managing your property/investment can be stressful and requires a tremendous amount of time. At Cañon City Property Management, we would like to relieve you from this burden and allow you to enjoy your free time and investment.

Cañon City Property Management will comply with the fair housing act in managing, renting and leasing of all managed properties.

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